Seminars and Speakers

Hemp Kettle Tea Seminars

  • Infused Honey (45 minutes)
  • How to Make Cannabis Tea Part 1 – Preperation Methods (45 minutes)
  • Hemp Kettle Tea Seminar: How to Make Cannabis Tea Part 2 – Herbs & Teas (45 minutes)

Cindy Ruggiero of Castronaut Chocolates Seminars

  • How to Decarb You Cannabis at Home
  • How to Make Infused Candy

Nugget Squishers Seminar

  • How  effectively to use a 20 Ton ROSIN Press

Stonergirl Treats & Eats

  • What the hell is a vegan edible; this thing called TOFU – explained featuring  @kassyortega of @thehumanleage Washington DC
  • Local woman who keeps cancer at bay through a plant based lifestyle and the power of cannabis!


The Seminar and Speaker list is possible to change and will be updated as we get closer to the event.