We seek to enhance and enlighten the quality of life of health conscious cannabis consumers by providing broad access to safe alternatives and arm these same consumers with the knowledge speaking to the therapeutic value of cannabis.

The Philosophy
Know Your Ledge!

Health Freedom
Freedom manifest in many forms and the freedom to choose how we heal our bodies and our minds is paramount. Established on the principle of compassion, our responsibility to advocate the virtues of the good leaf is tantamount to freedom!

Cannabis and Superfoods
We go to great lengths to eliminate substances that may be unhealthy, though we do enjoy fun foods! In keeping the various goals and requirements of diet-conscious consumers we design edibles that are chock full of superfood and whole food ingredients that are good to you and for you

Molecular Gastronomy
Each and every ingredient used in any of our treats matters ~ not just natures healing leaf. Each edible is crafted with care for even the most delicate palate and precocious preference. Whenever possible, everything is crafted in-house for a unique, impeccable texture and flavor.

Responsible Consumption
Relying on scientific knowledge, we encourage our patrons to take charge of their mental and physical health and do so responsibly. Know your ledge!

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* TreatsbyTre is offering vegan, gluten free and peanut free items at the TreatsbyTre table.