Stoner​ ​Girl​ ​Treats​ ​&​ ​Eats

Stoner​ ​Girl​ ​Treats​ ​&​ ​Eats

Stoner Girl Treats & Eats debuted in 2016 in Washington DC.

Stoner Girl’s Mission Is to provide wellness relief, quality infused pastries, TOPICALS, & CONSISTENT , smoke free alternative for patients. Our carefully handcrafted edibles use only the best local, non-gmo, wheat free, gluten free, & dairy free ingredients, to produce the same deliciousness, potency, purity, and consistency in dosages, every time

Stoner Girl was created by a former pastry arts graduate from The Art Institute of Los Angeles; who originally relocated to Washington, D.C to work with various animal activist groups, as well as multiple human rights organizations before taking her two greatest loves, and merging them together to take the cannabis world by storm, while reducing our carbon footprint, merging a plant based diet and the healing powers of cannabis to inspire, create, cultivate,change the world & heal the nation.

We provide an entirely handcrafted line of THC & CBD Infused bath bombs, beauty bars, sugar scrubs, salves, cakes, bakes, and more!

We simply believe in peace through our products.

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