Phone Homie

Phone Homie

Phone Homie is a world traveler; he is a graceful curator of the high-arts. His strength comes from his organic energy relying on the fruits of the land to fuel his journey.

Phone Homie resides in the haze and casts a cultural shadow on all he surveys.

With a pledge of tolerance, a commitment to quality and an appreciation for harmony, Phone Homie transcends the traditional color palette, existing between dimensions: evolving.

On an endless search to establish community, Phone Homie is a beacon of peace and hope bridging gaps between traditional boundaries and creating proximity where distance once thrived.

“One small dab for man, one giant slab for mankind!”
Phone Homie


The SlabHour is a celebration of Marijuana Legalization in DC, the USA, and the whole world. Phone Homie takes you on another level with music, news, info, guests, fun, and of course getting lifted!

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