Farmer Freeman

Farmer Freeman

Farmer Freeman is generously donating their own EZ-XY 6-Plant DNA Kits for our giveaways, one for each session!

These kits are used  for collection of leaf samples from DC growers who wish to have their plants “sex-tested” i.e. I will tell them their plants are male or female using DNA testing. The collection kit must be dropped off to me via appointment.

Founded in Glover Park, DC in 2015, Farmer & Freeman offers DNA consulting services for the city’s growing cannabis community. Whether you’re growing one plant or thousands, Farmer & Freeman’s proprietary DNA analysis service for cannabis will optimize the efficiency of your grow and bring huge savings. Our service, EZ-XY, is offered for home growers and commercial cultivators. Our DNA analysis can test plants as young as two weeks old, helping growers achieve maximum potential through detection of male plants long before their maturation period. Farmer & Freeman also consults businesses who wish to start their own genetic screening laboratories. More information at

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